November Monthly Event – All Rice Thai Hut

I love All Rice Thai Hut in Everett. The food is always clean and bright, with fresh traditional flavors, eye-pleasing plating, and huge portions. The prices are great, and the company is always stellar.

On November 17th, nine of us drove up to All Rice Thai Hut for some incredible food and great conversation. There was so much food, most of us took some home. Mmm, Thai…

My Red Curry with a bowl of rice poured into it. It was already overflowing before the rice, now it’s positively stuffed.

Silk Purses. Chicken in wrappers, deep fried with a bit of scallion ribbon.

Crab rangoons with real crab. These were incredible.

I believe this was a crispy chicken dish.

Chicken with crispy noodles.

Curried chicken with rice.

Their incredible pad Thai.

Curried duck.

Thai iced tea.

Thai iced coffee.