March & June Events!

Posting information about this month’s event plus the opening of ticket sales for June…

First up, if you’re interested in joining us at Hot Iron Mongolian Grill in Mill Creek on March 23rd at noon, hit up the Telegram group (@KirklandFurry). I’ll get better about posting full Eventbrite RSVPs for minor events.

Meanwhile, the big June event IS up on Eventbrite and tickets are on sale now! We’re heading over to Central Cinema in Seattle for an evening of food, film, and fursuiting. Art and tickets have been separated this time, so remember to click both if you want the badge and art. Click below for more information.

Hot Pot and More!

(aka: I’m really bad at maintaining this website!)

I am so bad about taking pictures when there’s delicious food in front of me. Fortunately, I’ve been able to convince some of our members to take photos even when I totally forget.

Before I get to the photos to drool over, let’s catch up real quick with our activities since December:

In January, we took a Saturday afternoon to enjoy some rare winter sun and delicious Indian food at my favorite North-Indian/Pakistani restaurant, Royal India. As always, the food there was incredible from the naan to the curried goat, the raita to the tandoor chicken. It’s all delicious there, and always a consistently good meal.

In February, we took a refreshing dip in the Sichuan hot pots of Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in Bellevue. This place is an addictive treat and everyone had great fun. Once again, Twitter’s @ObelysArt crafted a pair of incredible paintings for the event. She really outdid herself this time and we’re so, so grateful for the incredible work she puts into our swag.

P.S. Look out for a shop from us soon. I’m working on getting the art transferred to high quality t-shirts. There’s some speed-bumps right now as I search for a quality print-on-demand site, but we should have branded t-shirts hopefully in the next few months!

Indian food started out so peaceful and serene…
And then we all arrived and attacked the buffet like starved college freshmen.
There are no individual food shots because, well, we were all too busy stuffing ourselves silly.
Oh the humanity!
The devastation!
The noms!
Incredible art from Obelys entitled Birth of Swinus.
Here’s the beautiful Lunar New Year piece on the backside of the laminate.
Check out the incredible details like the zodiac wheel on the moon!
Sauces and chilies and more!
Frozen tofu, bean curd roll, wood ear and enoki mushrooms, black cardamom and more floating in a roiling delicious broth. Ah. Heaven.

Eine Kleine Bier und Brats – Rhein Haus, Captiol Hill

At the suggestion of Janu, we made a snap decision to go out to Rhein Haus on Saturday evening, December 1st. With less than 24 hours notice, twelve furry foodies went in search of das Rheingold. 😁

What we found was a (very) dark and (very) loud bierhalle with good food and drinks. I didn’t even have alcohol and I woke up this morning with cottonmouth and a sodium hangover. So good, so salty.

Excuse the low lighting in these photos. The restaurant is super dark.

First up, the last bit of one of the GIANT pretzels. They come with four sauces – honey mustard, horseradish butter, habanero butter, and emmenthaler cheese.

A “baby” pretzel.

The charcuterie plate.

Spätzle mit Käse (Rustic egg noodles with cheese).

Spinach and pretzel dumplings.

A bratwurst with fries.

It was Saturday, so they had Apfelstreussel (Apple Strudel).

November Monthly Event – All Rice Thai Hut

I love All Rice Thai Hut in Everett. The food is always clean and bright, with fresh traditional flavors, eye-pleasing plating, and huge portions. The prices are great, and the company is always stellar.

On November 17th, nine of us drove up to All Rice Thai Hut for some incredible food and great conversation. There was so much food, most of us took some home. Mmm, Thai…

My Red Curry with a bowl of rice poured into it. It was already overflowing before the rice, now it’s positively stuffed.

Silk Purses. Chicken in wrappers, deep fried with a bit of scallion ribbon.

Crab rangoons with real crab. These were incredible.

I believe this was a crispy chicken dish.

Chicken with crispy noodles.

Curried chicken with rice.

Their incredible pad Thai.

Curried duck.

Thai iced tea.

Thai iced coffee.

Howl-oween Photos!

Twenty-eight furries dressed up in their snazziest ties and tails and had an incredible time at Fogo de Chão on October 27th. Here are just a few of the pictures from the event, taken by our members.

First up, the laminates!
I was so excited to get these done and how pleased everyone was with the art. A labor of love, and we have ObelysArt to thank for the incredible paintings.

Then there was the incredible food…

And last but certainly not least, all the great fuzzies who showed up to dine with us and have a great time!

September Event:
Mediterranean Kitchen, Kirkland – September 15th @ 6pm


Don’t forget that our next monthly event will be held on September 15th, after When Furballs Strike. Instead of joining everyone else at the Shoreline Chinese buffet, we’ll be going out for Lebanese at the infamous House of Garlic – Mediterranean Kitchen – in Kirkland.

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Mediterranean Kitchen, Kirkland – September 15th @ 6pm

October Event:
Howl-oween 2018
at Fogo de Chão

The Ties and Tails Club formally invites you to join us for our first annual Howl-oween event. We’re going to have dinner at Fogo de Chão, in Bellevue, on October 27th, 2018, at 7pm.

We are asking for a $10 reservation fee which will include the cost of your laminate, lanyard, and badge. This will not include the cost of dinner. To reserve a badge, contact The Big Bad Wolf at the weekly Wing Dome meet, or at When Furballs Strike, or on Telegram.

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Howl-oween 2018
at Fogo de Chão