Eine Kleine Bier und Brats – Rhein Haus, Captiol Hill

At the suggestion of Janu, we made a snap decision to go out to Rhein Haus on Saturday evening, December 1st. With less than 24 hours notice, twelve furry foodies went in search of das Rheingold. 😁

What we found was a (very) dark and (very) loud bierhalle with good food and drinks. I didn’t even have alcohol and I woke up this morning with cottonmouth and a sodium hangover. So good, so salty.

Excuse the low lighting in these photos. The restaurant is super dark.

First up, the last bit of one of the GIANT pretzels. They come with four sauces – honey mustard, horseradish butter, habanero butter, and emmenthaler cheese.

A “baby” pretzel.

The charcuterie plate.

Spätzle mit Käse (Rustic egg noodles with cheese).

Spinach and pretzel dumplings.

A bratwurst with fries.

It was Saturday, so they had Apfelstreussel (Apple Strudel).